• VOKKERO SHOW is a wireless communication system designed for media and live event production teams. Wireless Bluetooth headset available.

    Please contact our support team for additional information.


    • 1 Vokkero Show radio
    • 1 single-muff headset w/ rotating dynamic cardioid boom microphone
    • Battery charging system
    • Carry case


    • Hands-free system
    • Bluetooth compatible: Connect to wireless headsets and Bluetooth enabled phones
    • Multi channel use and group settings within channels
    • Voice Priority setting: Allows main speaker’s voice to be louder than others within system
    • Adjustable power for different venue types
    • Easy set up and configuration
    • Up to 11 hour battery use
    • Quick charge in under 4 hours
    • High-definition audio quality
    • Patented noise filter


    • No base station
    • Secure encryption
    • Durable and reliable in a smaller size

For custom orders call us at 844.865.5376 (844. VOKKERO)

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