• Discover VOKKERO ELITE, our newest generation officiating communication system.

    To purchase additional users, please contact us at: support@vogo-na.com.


    • Kit contents depend on user set. Pricing per user $1,487. Please ensure to select the # of users for the total bundle cost. 
      For a 4-user soccer set you will receive the following:
    • 4 Armbands
    • 1 Charging docks and power supply
    • 3 open mic Pro headsets
    • 1 PTT Pro headset
    • Carry bag



    • Ready to use: plug & play
    • Ease of usage - little to zero learning curve for Officials
    • Easy to deploy system: no base station or onsite technician necessary
    • Patented Noise filtering
    • Custom Earpiece compatible
    • Compact design
    • Charger and configurator: touch screen for intuitive configuration
    • HD audio (16 to 24 kHz) broadcast quality
    • Self Contained Wireless Interface for ease of use and protection from elements
    • Engineered resistance to other radio systems- robust transmission in high RF environments
    • Preconfigured for an audio link between crew and in venue replay with easy scalability to link to command
    • Built in record capable through SD card port.
    • Vocal synthesis alert for volume level and battery life
    • Locked and secure headset connector
    • Enhanced locking charging docks
    • Audio tone when mic activated

For custom orders call us at 844.865.5376 (844. VOKKERO)

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