Audio and Video Solutions for coaches to use during the game to make better coaching decisions.

Allow technical and coaching staff to obtain video from multiple angles in real-time. Coaches have the capability to tap into various available camera feeds, or work in mosaic view. 

Video can be replayed, slowed down, zoomed in or out, downloaded locally to the tablet, marked for further review, and flagged for other users to watch. 

Video is stored in a portal, clubs can download directly into their analytic software or view and utilize within the portal to create clips, and combine similar data (all throw-ins, goal kicks, red cards, etc.)

Trusted by CONCACAF, MLS, FIFA, NCAA Soccer.

Key Features:  

  • Live & Replay
  • Instant Replay
  • Frame by Frame view
  • Zoom feature
  • Mosaic View
  • Split and Full Screen Options
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